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F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Adjustable & StretchWise Headgear

With adjustable headgear and a nearly silent, soft exhalation valve the F&P Pilairo Q brings inspired enhancements to the popular Pilairo design. Pilairo Q's self-inflating AirPillow Seal "hovers" over the face to seal gently in and around the nose. The AirPillow is so thin that it can move and flex in any direction; maintaining an effective seal without pinching or pressure.

Pilairo Q includes two types of headgear: StretchWise Headgear and Adjustable Headgear so you can choose the fit that suits you best!


  • Ultra-Light Low Profile Design
  • Self Inflating AirPillow Seal
  • Stabilizing Wings Provide Support
  • Two Types of Headgear - StretchWise and Adjustable
  • Flexible Short Tube & Swivel Elbow
  • Nearly Silent "Q Cover" Exhalation Valve
  • Just Four Parts –– Simple to Clean, Easy to Maintain

Ultra-Light Low Profile Design: Like a hummingbird the Pilairo Q is light (under 2 ounces with headgear), simple, and adaptable. In use the Piliaro Q "hovers" lightly over the face on an adaptive AirPillow cushion providing soft, comfortable fit and a clear line of sight.

Self Inflating AirPillow Seal: The Pilairo Q's ergonomically designed AirPillow Seal uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate, creating an effective yet gentle double seal in and around the nose. The single AirPillow size adapts and curves to a custom fit on a wide range of faces so you don't need to try multiple pillows to find your best fit. The AirPillow is 3D contoured with fine Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS) that measures just 0.04 inches at its thinnest point and 0.12 inches at its thickest.

Stabilizing Wings: Stabilizing Wings on each side of the PIliaro Q mask provide a support for the AirPillow and assist with overall mask stability; so the mask's frame never touches the face.

PILAIRO Q CPAP MASK with HEADGEARMinimalist StretchWise Headgear (Included): Unique and minimal, Pilairo Q's StretchWise headgear made of soft, latex-free, thread that automatically stretches and customizes to fit the wearer. There is no need for manual adjustments and tightening; just slide it on and enjoy. StretchWise headgear is stable and unobtrusive; it won't leave marks and indentations on the face.

PILAIRO Q CPAP MASK with HEADGEARAdjustable Headgear (Included): Pilairo Q's Adjustable Headgear can be adjusted in three places -- on the two side straps and at the top of the head -- to add stability and provide a more custom fit. More substantial than StretchWise Headgear, Adjustable Headgear is still soft, lightweight, ergonomically designed, breathable, and comfortable. It should be worn without over tightening to ensure that the AirPillow seal can inflate naturally against the face.

Flexible Short Tube & 360º Swivel Elbow: A short delivery tube extends from the body of the Pilairo mask to provide a lightweight, super flexible connection to your main breathing tube. The flexible tube is designed to minimize pressure and/or pull on the face and therapy tubing. The Ball and Socket Elbow with 360º Swivel provides greater flexibility for tube positioning.

Nearly Silent "Q Cover" Exhalation Valve: Pilairo Q's updated Q Cover exhalation valve disperses air softly and quietly away from the user so there is minimal draft and near silent operation (23.6 dBA on average).

We sleep for a third of our lives... During sleep we grow and repair; our bodies and minds are rejuvenated. Sleep feeds our quality of life. Every detail of the Pilairo Q is engineered and precision crafted to improve your sleep therapy experience. The Pilairo Q represents minimalist, highly effective nasal pillow mask design at its best and sets new benchmarks for comfort, seal and ease of use.

Try this item at home, if you're not satisfied return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. If you decide Pilairo Q isn't for you, just return it within 30-Days of purchase. It's that simple!
For a limited time get a Free 6-Foot CPAP/BiPAP Tube with this mask!

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
Part Number(s): 400421
GTIN Number(s): 09420012427069
In the Box: Complete Nasal Pillow Mask Pack with AirPillow Seal, StretchWise Headgear, and Adjustable Pilairo Headgear.
Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Maximum Recommended Pressure Range: 4 to 25 cm H20
Mask Type(s): Nasal Pillow Masks
Available Size(s): Standard
Materials: Latex Free

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Customer Reviews

Mixed review

First I love CPAP exchange- what a fantastic company- everything is so easy. I have tried so many of these and returned once I'm sure it isn't going to work- always prompt with a refund- just a great company. This mask was absolutely the best ever- ever, for about 10 days. the liner is so soft that it began to separate from the liner housing and leak and make noise. I am an extremely restless sleeper so if you're normal, it is definitely worth a try. Just not rugged enough for me, too bad. It was the most comfortable and quietest mask I ever tried.
By Big D,

Nasal pillow mask

Mask stays in place fairly well. Pressure on nostrils is minimal with small amount of discount. Not noisy at all. Head band is comfortable.
By Bill L,

Design Flaw (In my opinion)

The silicone piece that fits over one's nose is extremely thin at its base. Mine developed a small tear in it overnight while I slept. I do not know how this tear took place. I have been using a CPCP machine for over ten years now and this is the first time I have had an issue with the mask. Overall, the mask itself is comfortable to wear when it inflates. The ones that use the fabric design are much more durable than the thin layer of silicone at the base of the nose piece. I would suspect more issues with other customers have the same problem with the thin design (it is thin because it inflates like a balloon around your nose...which is extremely comfortable when it is working). I intend to keep mine but I had to mail back the entire mask for a warranty replacement request when I only needed the nose piece replaced. The cost of the return for the entire mask and parts cost almost as much as just taking "a hit" and buying a replacement myself online (without the benefit of a warranty replacement request).
By Charles,

Love my nasal pillows

Love these nasal pillows. After trying many masks. I found the perfect one!
By MarySue ,

No seal

I tried to use this mask twice and never get it to seal. I returned it.
By JimP,

Not worth it

It is not worth the money every night it comes apart. I have tried many head sets and this is the worst one by far.
By Carolyn L ,

Poorly designed mask

I purchased this mask because I was looking for a mask that would seal around my nose and wouldn't leak air. I wore it for 3 consecutive nights. The bridge of my nose was bruised from the first night. The 2 nipples that go into each of your nostrils are so poorly designed that they pressed too hard against the bridge in your nose. After the third night I could not handle it any longer and it took a whole week for my nose to heal. I do not recommend this mask.
By Joao A,

F&P Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow

Not sure I like this, I'm yanking it off within a couple hours. The air flowing through the nostrils is intense. I'm not giving up on it, but right now it's more intense than another mask I have.
By TryingToStayAsleep,

Interesting Mask

This is a bit premature as I am sure how I feel. I like the small footprint of the mask compared to my old one that covered my nose. Leaks are about the same depending on how much I roll over. It is a all one size mask which I think would be better if I had a larger mask. I have a large head and the straps are at maximum and still a bit tight. I also have had to turn the humidity up to keep my nostrils from drying out and burning. Last thing is my machine is supposed to turn off automatically but does not. I actually have to manually disconnect the hose to let all the pressure to for the machine to turn off. Just a minor issue. I am sticking with this for now.
By Steve,

Pilairo Q Nasal Mask

I'm impressed. My first CPAP mask was a nasal pillow type...never liked it. It was difficult to keep in position, so the seal was nearly always leaking. This mask however, has a nice design which helps with maintaining the seal...even with facial hair (mustache) the seal works! Also, a big plus factor over the previous full-face mask I used to use is that the nasal pillow membrane is much easier to clean. Very pleased thus far
By art,

Too Sensitive of a nose

Let me start out by saying that I have a very sensitive nose. I tried wearing the mask 3 times and each time the septum of my nose became so inflamed and painful after an hour that I had to take it off. The headgear was very comfortable. I liked that fact that I could wear glasses with the mask. I like to read at night and for that reason I really wanted this mask to work. Unfortunately I have a bummer nose. So if you have a sensitive nose don't waste your time trying this mask out. It is not going to work. If you have a tough nose this mask is for you. Wish it worked for me.
By Gregory,

Good CPAP Mask

The Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask is very comfortable to use. I use it with the "StretchWise" band which allows me to wear glasses to watch TV before going to sleep. It also does not leave impressions around your nose when removed in the morning.


Great product and received quickly.
By M E,


I have tried several different CPap appliances over the past 3 years, and this is the best I have found by far. With other masks and nasal pillows, I normally pull them off halfway through the night as they get so uncomfortable. For the first time since I started using my CPap, I am sleeping through the night, and my nasal pillows are still in place when I wake up. As I am a side sleeper, this is quite an achievement. I just love this appliance, and no longer need to experiment with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
By cammycay,

Ok but not great

Very comfortable and easy to wear. The stretch wise headgear is the most comfortable, but the mask may slip away during the night if you move in bed. Leaves marks on your face that tend to get worse with time
By Giorgio R,